Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

This conversation actually happened. In the carpool line. Today.

Me: Landon, today you have tumbling class.

Landon: No, Mrs.Slusher said we have tumbling class tomorrow.

Me: Did she tell you that yesterday?

Landon: The last time we were at school she said, "Tomorrow you have tumbling class."

Me: That was yesterday. So that means you have tumbling class today.

Landon: So 'tomorrow' means 'today'?

Me: No, tomorrow means the next day after today. Yesterday she said you had tumbling class tomorrow. So now that we're in tomorrow, it's today.

Landon: (Complete silence and looking at me with eyes glazed over.)

Me: I have no idea what I just said. I love you, Landon.

Landon: I love you too, Mommy. (Then he got out of the car and walked into school.)


  1. LOL! I am glad I am not the only one who has those conversations!

  2. AHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!! I so with I could have heard that conversation. I am sure that I would have laughed even harder then I am right now!

  3. We have those conversations too and I always think how what I'm saying makes no sense.

  4. Just wanted you to know that I have had to make myself read your posts with great caution because I laugh outloud and wake up Maryella!!! Love you!