Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Connor Man!

There. I wrote it. I wrote "1st Birthday". Not "12 months". I was a grown up about it.

Our little Connor Man was a brilliant idea God gave us. We thought we might just be finished with our little family of 4. But God knew the Trevett family needed a Connor Man. Connor adds so much laughter and joy to our family. He smiles nonstop. Seriously. He's always smiling. I'm not just typing that to be all cute and mommyish. It's the truth. Oh, wait. Except for bath time. He thinks baths are a horrible idea.

Our Connor Man:
1. loves people.
2. has a sweet dimple.
3. is small.
4. is crawling up a storm and starting to stand by himself for a few seconds.
5. can climb stairs.
6. drools a lot.
7. has ear tubes.
8. has hair that curls like his Daddy's did when he was a baby.
9. loves music.
10. thinks his brother is absolutely hilarious.
11. loves to hear his sister read books to him.
12. loves to be snuggled.
13. is a fan of baseballs and basketballs.
14. claps when people say "yay".
15. enjoys standing up in his highchair.
16. is not the biggest fan of pools, oceans, or water in general.
17. is a very big fan of his thumbs. Either one.
18. still drinks from a bottle and I'm absolutely ok with that.
19. puts his head on my shoulder when I sing to him.
20. did not think his birthday cake was even a tiny bit yummy.

Happy Birthday, Connor Man! I am so thankful God has given me a full year with you so far. It is completely by his grace that you are my son. I love you!
Love, Mommy


  1. 21. has 2 bottom and 2 top teeth that really shine!
    22. Is the only Trevett child that resembles his daddy!
    23. Doesn't sleep well at Gammy and Papa's
    24. Loves big dogs like Gracie.
    25. LOVES golf cart rides.

    Love you, Connor! Happy birthday!

  2. I love that boy! Happy Birthday to Connor!

  3. What sweet pics!! I cannot get over that first one - you are so skinny with that big basketball belly in front of you. It really almost just looks like you have a ball under your shirt. :) I love that you do themed halloween costumes. I'm so bad at halloween - I should get ideas from you.