Thursday, August 26, 2010

12 month well-visit

This post will probably be pretty boring to most of you except my mom, grandmother and in-laws. But it serves as a good way to document milestones since I've not yet started Connor's baby book.

Yesterday, we celebrated Connor's first ever birthday by going to the doctor. He got 4 shots and a toe prick. One shot in each arm and leg. He handled it like a champ. The toe prick was for the purpose of checking his iron which is still low so we are going to have to add iron supplements. I'm not sure if anemia is hereditary but I'm anemic, so if it is, he got it from me.

Here are his stats:

Weight: 18.1 pounds- 4%
Height: 29 inches- 26%

He's a tiny little thing but the doctor is not concerned at all and neither are we. His height has consistently gone down at each well-visit (the percentages, not the actual length) but they're not dropping significantly so it's not a huge deal. I think he's the perfect size. He's our little man.

He's crawling and climbing stairs but hasn't taken any steps yet.
He's eating mostly table foods now and we've switched from formula to whole milk.
He waves to tell people "bye bye", "night night", and "hello".

Oh, and then no well-visit would be complete without finding out he has yet another ear infection. So we've started antibiotic ear drops for that.

Overall, great well-visit. Healthy baby. We'll head back to the doctor at 15 months for his next well-visit.

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