Monday, May 17, 2010

I do.

When I get nervous, I get red blotchy patches on my neck and chest. 8 years ago today, I was covered in redness because I was about to say "I do" to my favorite person.

I loved our wedding day. It was beautiful, fun, and hilarious. This is what I will always remember about May 18, 2002:

- My brother sang. Twice. Once during the ceremony and again during the reception. He has an incredible voice and it was really special. Not just because he's my brother but because if you had heard him sing when he was about 12, you would realize just what a miracle happened in that 6 year span.

- During the ceremony, in front of 500 people, my pastor said, "Mike is the only man in the whole world for you." Nathan's name is Nathan. Nathan Ray Trevett. My pastor felt like a huge loser and he still apologizes to this day and I still do not accept his apology.

- Nathan and I wrote our own vows. Our pastor lost mine. So I told Nathan his own vows. That was weird but also really fun.

- Nathan and I walked into our reception to the song "2001".

- We stayed at our reception for a total of 45 minutes. We had better things to do.

- During our "better things to do", MY DAD CALLED. The first words out of his mouth were, "I am soooooo sorry." Apparently, we'd taken our keys with us and Dad needed them to take our car to the airport. Blah, blah, blah. The bottom line.....awkward. And hilarious.

It's been an incredible 8 years. Nathan is my best friend. 3 pregnancies and a million stretch marks later, he somehow loves me more today than he did on May 18, 2002. At least that's what he tells me. And that blows me away. Of course I love HIM more. But he's seen all my crazy. He's seen me with post-partum depression. He's seen me huge and pregnant and miserable. And he continues to tell me I'm beautiful. That's a real man. He encourages my passions, offers loads of wisdom, leads our family with strength, and loves our children whole-heartedly. I love his consistent faith. He never waivers.

I love you all the way, Nathan Trevett. Happy Anniversary.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! I love your are soooo honest and soooo funny!!! You are truly blessed with a wonderful husband (or so you say...just kidding). I'm sure he's just as wonderful as you say he is, and you're a wonderful woman. Hope you have a super day with your super family!! Love you...Aunt Sue

  2. I, too, loved your wedding day! But more importantly your marriage has been something wonderful to celebrate. I have prayed many times that the Lord would cover your marriage and protect it from the evils of this world that love to destroy families. God has answered my prayers and continues to bless your and Nathan's obedience to Him. Thank you for bringing me so much joy and happiness!
    Love you both so much!

  3. Congratulations!!! I had forgotten that story about the wrong name-- SOOO funny! Beautiful pictures. Enjoy your special day!

    Happy birthday to you too Reagan!

  4. I remember so much about your wedding!!! Probably because I was head over heels for Trey by then and hoping it would be us one day :)... which probably wouldn't have happened without you too, ha! Congrats on 8 years!!!

  5. It was a great day! (with the cutest little flower girl and yummy luncheon!)
    We cherish the years we have watched you grow to an amazing wife and mother!
    Love you and congrats on 8 years with 80 more to come.