Friday, May 7, 2010

My Brother by the Numbers

27: # of years old he is today
87: # of inches tall he is
4: # of years he played collegiate basketball and dominated
8: # of months he blackmailed me when we were little kids because I said a bad word
1: # of times I kicked him in his stitches just days after he had surgery
1: # of times I begged him not to tell Mom and Dad
25,000: # of times I yelled, "Kevin, rescue me!" during tickle fights with our dad
25,000: # of times he rescued me
1: # of really large helmets he had to wear while playing high school football because of all his concussions
1,000,000: # of bones he's broken in his body
3: # of kiddos who think he is the best uncle in the world
1: # of brother-in-laws who loves him loads
1: # of sisters who couldn't ask for a better brother

I love you, Kevin! Happy Birthday!

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