Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Christmas in Pigeon Forge!

Two weekends ago, we went to Pigeon Forge, TN with my parents, my brother, and his girlfriend. This was our Christmas present from my incredible, giving, selfless, loving parents. We were supposed to go around Christmas time but that was the weekend that it snowed a lot and we had to reschedule. It worked out really well, though, because the weather was nicer and it wasn't crowded at all! We had such a wonderful time! We ate at Apple Barn and Old Mill, went to Dollywood, ate doughnuts, played putt-putt, shopped, and participated in
Extreme Stroller Racing.

Here we are in front of Dollywood. When Nathan and I were dating, he would constantly copy what I was wearing because he thought I was so cool. You can see that now he's doing the same thing with Landon. Go Cocks.

This might be my favorite picture because Whitney has no clue that my dad is right there smiling. She thinks it's just a picture of she and Connor. I hope she doesn't think our family is too weird. We like her.

See that really steep, high, scary water ride? That's definitely my 5-year-old on the front row. He's fearless. He rode every roller coaster he could get on. He's the man.

Connor turned 8 months old while we were in Pigeon Forge. As if I wasn't already emotional enough over my baby being a month older, he also chose that day to begin crawling. He was super excited! But maybe I cried just a little bit. And maybe Nathan fussed at me for wanting Connor to stay little. Maybe he encouraged me to celebrate Connor's life. Maybe I knew Nathan was right. But maybe I didn't admit it. Until right now. Nathan is also the man.

I'm sure you're thinking that our family is so cute. But what I want you to notice are my new sunglasses. I am officially living in 2010. I bought those shades that weekend. Prior to them, I was wearing tiny sunglasses that I think were cool like 5-10 years ago. At least they were when I bought them from the Ocean Lakes Family Campground Store in 2002 for $8.00.


  1. Great pictures, Christy! in the last pic, Connor is looking at you like he doesn't know you..yes, it must the sunglasses!

  2. I was actually thinking that I love your sweater in the last pic.

  3. I have secretly wanted to say something about those old sunglasses-lol!!! I thought maybe they had great sentimental value?? Anyway love the new ones! So glad you guys had a great time :)

  4. I like you guys too :)

  5. You guys are an awesome family that is truly blessed!!
    Aunt Sue

  6. I love you Christy - you make me laugh - I love reading your blog!