Friday, May 7, 2010


Mommies buy hairbows and cute socks for their baby girls. They make important decisions about heart surgeries. They pray hard for wisdom. They make plans. They trust in God's sovereignty.
Heather is that kind of mommy.

Mommies love their babies before they are born. They believe their baby's life has value. They pray for healing. Mommies also love their babies that leave early to be with Jesus. They praise Jesus even in huge storms.
Crystal is that kind of mommy.

Mommies lay in bed for weeks at a time if it means their baby will be safe. They wait patiently for just the right time. They take their medicine and endure feeling sick because they care more for their child's health than their own feelings.
Mary Beth is that kind of mommy.

Mommies raise sons that grow to be loving, gentle, selfless husbands. They accept new people into their family. They love unconditionally. They work hard.
Lynne Trevett, my mother-in-law, is that kind of mommy.

Mommies affirm their children with words. They serve without being asked. They tell really dorky jokes because they know it will bring a smile. They hug their children when it hurts or when it's been a bad day. They call just to chat.
Rita Parker, my mother, is that kind of mommy.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Mommies have precious babies that they know belong to the Lord. They make it their life's work to raise those babies to love and praise their awesome Creator all the while using their God given talents to encourage other Mommies! My friend Christy is that kind of mommy!
    Love you and truly appreciate you!
    Meg :o)

  2. You're the sweetest BF ever. Sweet BFs also buy cute socks for their best friend's heart baby! I can't wait to see Evie in them. I loved seeing you yesterday. Happy Mother's Day.

  3. That was such a beautiful tribute. Happy Mother's Day Christy and all the Mommies mentioned in the post.