Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Sweet Reagan!

Three years ago, I gave birth to this beautiful little girl. I had no clue how much I would absolutely love having a daughter. In many ways, she is the opposite of me, and in many ways, we are twins. Having Reagan Grace for a daughter is such a blessing. Happy Birthday to my sweet girl.

Here are some things you may or may not know about Reagan:

1. She loves to suck her thumb while rubbing the folds of fabric. She often says, "I wanna rub a fold."

2. She loves princesses. Cinderella is her favorite. She had a Cinderella birthday party yesterday. I'm posting those pictures tomorrow.

3. She reads a lot. Before naps. Before bed. To her dolls. To herself. To me. To Landon. To Connor. Her favorite book is Pinkalicious.

4. She changes clothes about ten times a day. Dresses are her clothes of choice. With pink shoes.

5. She didn't have hair until she turned 2. She still doesn't have a whole lot but it's growing more and more each day.

6. She has the most beautiful smile that can light up a room. She's always smiling.

7. She's petite.

8. She says this a lot at bedtime: "I can't sleep berry good."

9. She eats about once every 3 days. (See #7.)

10. She doesn't meet a stranger. She can talk to anyone about anything at anytime. Her personality is magnetic.

11. She loves to play "mommy".

12. She would drink a gallon of milk a day if I'd let her.

13. She wears crowns a lot.

14. She likes to shoot guns and play soccer but she likes to do it while wearing jewelry and crowns and bows.

15. Her favorite foods are pancakes, cheese quesadillas, yogurt, and ketchup.

16. Her favorite color used to just be pink. Then two weeks ago, she changed it to purple. And now she says her favorite colors are pink, purple, and white.

17. She has the most beautiful, big, blue eyes. They're gorgeous.

18. She is hilarious. She makes funny faces. She loves to tell knock-knock jokes.

19. She gets really, really giddy about everything....Christmas, trips, outings, friendships, parties. I have no clue who she gets that from. ;)

20. She loves her family and friends all the way. With her whole little self. She loves life.

Dear Reaganator, Reagie, Ray, Reagie-Spadagie, Sweet Girl,
First of all, sorry for all the terrible nick names. Secondly, having you as my daughter is such a sweet gift. You add so much laughter and joy to my life. I love having someone to get excited over little things and big things with. I love having someone to squint my eyes with and look at pictures of Disneyworld on the computer over and over again. I love the way you love others. You are one-of-a-kind. I love you!


  1. She is the funniest person in the world to sit back and watch. I love her! Happy birthday Reagan!

  2. Happy Birthday Reagan! We love you!
    ~The Couches

  3. This post gave me goose bumps! Love you Reagan!!!

  4. so sweet! i think our girls would be good friends if we actually knew each other. :) haha. i just figured out you had a blog yesterday. i'm a quick one....