Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just For Fun

I would love to build a house one day. Ok, so here are 10 things I think I would want. Most of these lessons I've learned from our current house:

1. I love having our master bedroom downstairs. That way if I sprain my ankle or have a c-section I don't have to walk up and down the stairs to get to bed. And when Nathan and I get all old and get put in wheelchairs, we won't have to install one of those mechanical things that take wheelchairs upstairs.

2. I will never, ever, ever, ever have black countertops ever again. They show every tiny little speckle of dirt.

3. I love the blue walls in our den. The color is called "Rain". It's perfect. I think I may always have a blue den for the rest of my life. I'll be one of those people on Oprah in 30 years that gets made fun of for still decorating like it's 2010. And then she'll surprise me with a den makeover and then I'll hate it and go back to my "Rain".

4. I love having carpet in the bedrooms. I hate having carpet in any other room. I love big rugs.

5. I want a library/living room space where I can put floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and display all of my books. I might even buy a ladder like they have at the Biltmore House. Not because the ceilings would be that tall but just because it would look neat.

6. I want an island where I can cook up a storm while the kids are talking to me and playing games or reading or writing. And we can all see each other and smile.

7. I would love a rock fireplace with a big, chunky wooden mantel.

8. I also want there to be some rock on the outside. Maybe on the bottom of the columns on the front porch.

9. Now that I'm a cooking machine, two ovens would be fun.

10. I think den furniture that's not stained with spit-up and other baby leftovers would be awesome. It would be less sweet and special than what we have now. But also less smelly. But I'm not going there until we're out of the baby spit-up/leftover stage.


  1. Love it. It may be the impetus for me writing me own, "If we build a house ..." post. Two ovens and warming drawer - I promise it would rock your socks!

  2. I play this game sometimes, too. Not in a discontent way; more in a we have lived in so many houses that I know exactly what I'd want if we were in one from scratch way.

    I agree about the big, fat island. I currently have a little built-in for books and it is so nice. No ladder, though.

  3. I'm with you on the blue den. Ours is a pale blue but it's so relaxing that I love it. I'd love some rock on the outside of our house one day, too. And my sweet husband has said he has no interest in any sort of "man room" except for one that would be a huge library with tons of bookcases and comfie chairs, and maybe a big globe. I love that man.

    I think the other big thing I'd love would be a gas range. Maybe one day....

  4. Your post made me miss our greenwood house- it had so many of these things: carpet in rooms, hardwoods everywhere else, big stone fireplace with a chunky wooden mantel. I was smaller than what we need now but it was a precious house- I love your list- may have to steel a few for my own :)