Monday, February 14, 2011

Nathan's Mini-Me

Those of you who know Connor, my 17-month-old, know that he does not speak in words. He just points at things and says, "eh". That's all the noises he makes.

His doctor likes to think it's because I don't teach him things.

I hear lots of other 17-month-olds say lots and lots and lots of words and I act like it doesn't bother me but deep inside it a tiny little bit does.

So, you can imagine my joy and relief when I cleaned out a closet over the weekend, found Nathan's baby book his mother had given me a few years ago, and read the following about my now quite talkative, smart-as-anything manly man:

Began pointing to things and saying "eh".
Baby's first word: "bo" for bottle around 20 1/2 months. Actually began speaking at 21 1/2 months.

Like father, like son, I reckon.

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