Thursday, June 10, 2010


What woman makes her 30-year-old husband pose by himself in a picture while wearing the biggest birthday button known to man? Me. Why? Because I love him. And also because I'm older than him and now that he's in his thirties like me, I'm STOKED.

For Nathan's birthday, I surprised him and planned a trip to Colorado with two of our dearest friends, Eric and Megan Soong. Eric and Nathan turned 30 within two weeks of each other. Megan and I have been scheming for the past year and we pulled off the biggest surprise this side of the Mississippi. Eric and Nathan were roommates throughout college and it was great to see the looks on their faces when Megan and I gave them their gift. Our trip will be in January so we have several months to get excited! We can't wait!

You're the man. I love the way you love, guide, and take care of our family. You're hilarious. You're a faithful friend to everyone you know. You have a great smile. You're super wise and logical. You love Jesus big time. You work really hard and you do your job with excellence. You are an incredible dad to our kids. I love that you love every single thing I cook. You're laid back and easygoing. You teach me every day to not sweat the small stuff. You're constantly constant. I love you all the way! Happy Birthday!!!