Friday, June 25, 2010

Beach Trip!!!

Last week, our family of 5 went to the beach with my parents, my brother, and our family friend (one of my flower girls!), Parker. My grandparents own a beach house in Surfside so, fortunately, we get to go several weeks/weekends a year, which is such a blessing!

This trip was Connor's first time visiting the ocean. The last time we took the kids, it was Thanksgiving and too chilly to head to the waves. Connor absolutely hated it. The sand, the water, everything. Day 1 he sobbed. Day 2 he sobbed. Day 3 he sobbed. Day 4 he grabbed my arm tightly the whole time.

Day 5 he sat on the sand by himself. Then he discovered that he loved the taste of sand and that made his day.

When we arrived on the beach the first day, Landon said, "Here we are! Life is perfect!" He loved riding the waves with Nathan, Uncle Kevin, and Parker.

The most exciting part of our trip was when Landon learned to swim! I intended to teach him to swim last year but I weighed about a billion pounds and was completely miserable, so swim lessons took a back seat. We were pleasantly surprised this year when, after about 30 seconds of Nathan giving him a few pointers, he began swimming!

Couple Landon learning to swim with being taller than 42 inches and that meant a trip to the Water Park! He had a ball. Landon is fearless just like his daddy which brings my heart so much joy. I love that he'll try almost anything. Even the Dark Hole. That's my boy!

And then there's my girl. My sweet, smiling, hilarious, girly girl. Her favorite part of each day was putting on her bathingsuit, going to the beach or pool, and talking. She is outgoing. Not a shy bone in her body. And she's very sensitive to others. She made a friend everyday wherever we went. She loved on babies. She spoke with mommies. She helped strangers dig holes. She played happily with other little girls.

No trip for us is complete without a visit to Broadway at the Beach for burgers at Johnny Rockets and rides!

We took the kids to Warbird Park one evening. Landon was enthralled by the huge planes!

Gammy loved on her grandbabies all week long! (Papa was there, too, but I didn't get any pictures of him....Sorry, Dad!)

Uncle Kevin got his wrestle on with Landon. Reagan was pretending to be Sleeping Beauty, hoping that her prince would kiss her, soon! But then I think she also played dead at some point.

It was a wonderful trip. We got really, really spoiled by having Nathan with us for a whole straight week. The kids and I were not pleased when he left for work Monday morning. 7:00am is our least favorite time of each day b/c that's when we have to tell Daddy goodbye. But I like electricity and food and stuff like that so I'm cool with it.


  1. oh..I loved reliving the week with you, Cissy!
    now back to the beach next week!
    mom (aka Gammy)

  2. I love all of these pictures and the stories behind them. Thanks for sharing them and for being such a great mommy and friend. Parker learned so much from you last week. You are a blessing!