Friday, November 18, 2011

She knows her very well!

On Wednesday, Nathan and I attended Reagan's parent/teacher conference. Here are just a few quotes from her teacher, Mrs. Jenn. She sure does know our daughter well!

"She is very independent."

"She is a great helper. I can always count on her to help the kids who can't put on their jackets or zip their coats. I call her the loft helper because she always knows how to clean it."

"She's always happy. Always bubbly."

"She has a vivid imagination."

"She is everyone's friend. Everybody always wants to play with Reagan."

"She's very chatty."

"If I had one wish, it would be that when I call her over to work with me, she wouldn't rush through her work just so she can go back to playing. I want her to take her time."

"She's not really interested in the details. She is more about the big picture."

"She loves books."

"She's a natural leader. It might be more effective if I sat on the floor and she taught the class."

After the conference, Reagan couldn't wait to hear what Mrs. Jenn said. I told her everything and then said, "The one wish Mrs. Jenn had for you was that you take your time when you are working with her. Don't rush." Reagan said she would tell Mrs. Jenn, "I'm not going to rush to go play."

I saw Mrs. Jenn on Thursday and told her what Reagan said. Mrs. Jenn then proceeded to laugh and said, "Well, today I was working with two students on a turkey project. They were gluing feathers to the turkey. Wynn said, 'Wow! How did Reagan finish so fast?' I looked over and, instead of gluing the feathers down one at a time like most children had done, she squirted glue on the paper and tossed all the feathers in the air, letting them fall where they may on the paper. And off she went to play.'"

And that sums up our little girl.

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