Thursday, November 17, 2011

Craftilicious Girls Night Out!

On Tuesday night, I invited the women from my Sunday School class over for a girly-crafty-let's-make-a-Christmas-wreath night. "Crafty" and "Christy" are kind of antonyms. I have majorly low self-esteem when it comes to arts and crafts. But my friend Ellen keeps blogging about how God created us so we should create. And at first I rolled my eyes and kind of thought easy for you to say little miss handmade recess lady complete with a sewing machine and an etsy shop and all that jazz. But then I reminded myself that creating doesn't just mean sewing stuff. It can also mean creating a peaceful home, creating a purposeful daily schedule, creating a family mission statement, creating a painting that covers the lipstick mural created by the two-year-old.

So then I started seeing myself as creative.

And then I found Pinterest. And that made me start to consider the tiny possibility that somewhere in my logical, non-crafty, non-girly self, I could find a cell that could make a craft. So I started pinning. And pinning. And pinning. And never crafting. But majorly pinning.

Then Heather started a craft club and bragged about how much fun it was. She doesn't live in my town so I couldn't join it but I thought to myself I may not love to craft but I sure do love people so maybe I'll give this a shot! And that's how crafty-girly-night was birthed!

We had the best time! And my wreath turned out really cute considering about 5 minutes before the evening started, I had no idea what I was going to make. Amazing what some yarn and balls can turn into.

Biggest Wreath award went to Angie.

Smallest Wreath award went to Stacia.

My wreath


  1. It was so much fun!!! Thank you for hosting!! Did you Really post this at 4:30 am???

  2. Absolutely not. I did not know there was such a thing as 4:30am!

  3. Looks fantastic!! You are definitely crafty. :) Keep it up.

  4. look what happens when you step into God's gift for and in you.

    everyone's creative. uniquely. He's designed it that way.

    i think your wreath is reeeeaaaaalllll puuuuurrrddy.