Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Catch Up

1. The following blogposts are coming soon: "The Great Wolf Lodge Extravaganza", "Halloween 2011", and "Boo at the Zoo". Just hold your little horses, Mom!

2. Less than 10 weeks until Christmas. I shopped all morning and had the best time with Connor Man. The cool thing about shopping with a two-year-old is he's still oblivious enough to not even notice when I buy a huge 3-wheeler for him.

3. Connor has been in speech therapy for two weeks now and I'm blown away by his improvements! He is imitating sounds that I make and has learned about 3 signs. He is consistently saying, "Momma", "Daddy", "ball", "mmmm" (more), "doggie", "whoo-whoo" (train), "hey", "bye", "esss" (yes), "k" (milk or yuck), and "wafa" (waffle). He's also doing some babbling on his own while he plays with his toys. Gooooooo Connor Man!

4. Our HOUSE IS FOR SALE! If you send us someone who will buy our house, we'll give you some commission...like definitely at least a five dollar bill.

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