Sunday, June 12, 2011

Greek Yogurt is what I'm talking about

Rumor has it tons of people are crazy sad that I've been neglecting my little blog. And by "tons of people" I mean this one girl named Julia that I've never met but who thinks I'm pretty awesome and is addicted to my blog. So, Jules, here goes.

The main reason I've been so slack is because I've discovered Greek yogurt. 100% nonfat Greek yogurt. So, instead of blogging, lately I've been topping stuff with Greek yogurt and then singing the Hallelujah Chorus.

Wanna hear just one of many ways to bathe in it? Take a sweet potato. Jab it with holes. Wrap it in a damp paper towel. Microwave it for 4 minutes. Cut it open. Sprinkle it with pepper. Then throw some 100% nonfat Greek yogurt on it. It'll change your life.

Rachael Ray told me a sweet potato is the most nutritious thing in the produce section and I believe her big time. My biceps are huge now, you could wash clothes on my abs, and my iron count is through the roof.


  1. OMG me too! LOVE the stuff, especially athena brand, until I couldn't find it around here any more. But Fage is good too. Which is your fave?

  2. Julia's not the only one that looooves your blog and was sincerely missing the posts....Even in NYC, I need an update every once in awhile, lol.

    Happy Summer Parker-Trevetts!

    Stacey Lancaster