Monday, June 13, 2011

Beach Goodness

We just returned from a week long vacation to the beach. In Spartanburg (where I grew up) everybody knows that "the beach" means Myrtle Beach. Duh. But in Columbia when I say, "I'm going to the beach" people say, "Which beach?" Weird. I don't get it. Are there other beaches besides Myrtle? I'm unaware.

There were a ton of favorite parts of our week. And there was one worst part of our week. At 2:30am, Nathan and I heard a huge thud, ran downstairs, and found our 6-year-old on the ground crying in pain but also sound asleep. He had fallen off the top bunk bed onto the tiled floor. We went to Urgent Care first thing the next morning, sure he had broken something. But it was only a bone bruise near his shoulder, thankfully! The doctor encouraged Landon to wear a sling and Landon thought that was really cool. For about 15 minutes. Then he told the sling to hit the road. He's feeling loads better now although his arm is still very tender.

Favorite parts of our week included playing in the ocean (except for Connor...he hates water), playing in the pool (except for Connor...he hates water), going to the water park (except for Connor....notice a pattern?), playing putt-putt, feeding the ducks, and going to Pirates Voyage (the old Dixie Stampede).


  1. Wow, we were at the beach last week too! Cherry Grove, does that count as Myrtle Beach? And we went to Pirates Voyage too. We saw the 4pm Wednesday show. You weren't at that one were you?

  2. having married a man from spartanburg, i can say that it is 100% true that the beach = myrtle with y'all. they al.ways. went to myrtle. still do. having grown up going to smaller beaches (still do) there IS something about the entertainment myrtle offers when you have young ones.

    how dare you torture that baby by taking him to the beach. where there is water.