Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Nine years of marriage has meant....

laughing until I hurt
realizing how selfish I can be
learning to cook
three ridiculously cute children
waking up each day beside my best friend
still feeling the butterflies
loving even when it's hard
learning that it's hard to argue if you sing while doing it

Marriage is a lot of things. But boring it is not. Each day is an adventure. Each day is a chance to actively love my handsome man. It's hard. It's fun. It's frustrating. It's humbling. It's encouraging. It's hilarious. It's weird. It's awesome.

Nathan Trevett, you're the man. You're my man. You're a real man. Thank you for working hard for our family, for leading our family with a purposeful vision, and for loving the mess out of me. I love you all the way.

Happy Nine Years.


  1. Congrats you two love birds!!!!

  2. When I think of happy and healthy married couples who make it LOOK easy (for which it is not always easy) by balancing working hard together and laughing together, I immediately think of you two. I'm so blessed to know and watch a loving couple grow a beautiful family. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Mark and I were just thinking about your first date- so sweet :)