Sunday, May 15, 2011

I blinked.

I blinked and Reagan went from this:
to this:

She woke up this morning and said, "I'm four today! But my hair's not gray." Then she giggled a whole bunch and asked for a brownie. At 6:25am. And that just about sums up my sweetie pie of a daughter. Full of one-liners, giggly, and always in the mood for dessert.

In these four short years, I have seen Reagan grow into a beautiful, affectionate, fun-loving, outgoing, hilarious, bright little girl. She loves to dance and do gymnastics. She does not at all like soccer but plays for the snack at the end of the game. She loves preschool, her teachers, and her friends. She is a storyteller and a singer. She has a vivid imagination and is always in costume. She is a natural leader. She is opinionated. She loves Moe's, her thumb, Clara, princesses, and high heels. She loves to read, play hide-and-seek with her brothers, and hear stories about when I was a little girl.

Her personality is contagious. She is joyful. She is full of life. It is a privilege to be the mommy of Reagan Grace.

I love you so much my heart hurts. You make every single day really, really fun. I love your laugh and your smile. I love your fair skin, bright blue eyes, and petite frame. I love it when you get so excited your eyes close up and your fists come up to your cheeks. I love our snuggle time in the mornings. I love it when you ask me to tell you a story. I love how much you love your brothers and how excited you get when Landon gets off the school bus. I love it when you ask me when Jesus is coming back. I love how you say "fancy" and "yellow" and "never, ever, ever". I love how easily you make friends and how innately you love and nurture others. I love being your mommy. Having you as my daughter is a big time blessing!
Happy Birthday, sweetness. You are remarkably and wonderfully made!

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  1. I love those 2 sweet pictures :) Happy Birthday, Reagan!