Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Kids' Summer Goals

This week, I asked Landon and Reagan what their goals were for the summer and I made a list to hang in our kitchen. We're going to put a big, fat check next to the goals we reach. I like their brains a lot. A bit unrealistic? Yep. But still, some really good ideas.

Landon's Summer Goals:
1. Go to the pool.
2. Go to the Great Wolf Lodge.
3. Go to Disneyworld.
4. Play video games.
5. Play gladiators and flips with Daddy.
6. Jump on the trampoline.
7. Play on the monkey bars and learn new tricks.
8. Go to the beach.
9. Go to the beachhouse with Gammy and Papa.
10. Go to the library.
11. Visit the zoo.
12. Lay down on the grass and look up in the sky and see what shape the clouds are.
13. Ride bikes.
14. Have picnics at the park.
15. Invite friends over to play.
16. Make cards for Uncle Kevin.
17. Go to the White House to visit the president.
18. Make a sandwich.

Reagan's Summer Goals:
1. Play with Barbies.
2. Have the whole family play on the trampoline.
3. Have the whole family watch "Rapunzel" on Movie Night again.
4. Have the whole family play in a tent.
5. Go to Disneyworld.
6. Make pizza.
7. Invite Brayden and Spencer to play.
8. Eat in the dining room.
9. Read a lot of books.
10. Play putt-putt.


  1. My favorite - Reagan's #8. Eat in the dining room. I don't think my daughter even knows we have a dining room!

  2. I noticed how most of their goals involved the whole family....wonderful!
    What did Connor say? I am curious!

  3. Super cute idea. I can't wait to ask my girls. Sounds like you are going to be a busy mama-- oh and broke! Haha.

  4. I'm at Joanna's, BOTH kids are sleeping, I'm ready for Summer Servants this week and have worked some on VBS and Music Camp, so I've been reading people's blogs for the past hour or so. When I read this one, I noticed that you could definitely check off #7, 14 & 18 on Landon's list and #10 on Reagan's list if you bring them (and you and Connor Man) to Summer Servants this week. AND...TaDa...they would also have the cool experience of meeeting and giving a homemade gift (we made them last week, but we will make another one this week for next time) to some really neat older people at Helping Hands Adult Day Care who, when we went last week, said, "Oh, our New Heights Babies...we've been waiting all year for you to come back!" They would adore your kids and you, too! We start at 8:30...I'm sure you're all up and at 'em by then, and we finish at 3, but if Connor still has to have a nap, you can leave after lunch at Guinyard Park and we can keep Landon and Reagan (since her goal was to play putt-putt) and we'll meet you back at the church at 3:00.
    Love ya!!