Monday, May 2, 2011

Highlights From My Week

1. Do you remember back in 2010 when my favorite hobby was having surgery? Well, this week I got to visit my urologist for a follow-up. And the great news is there are no kidney stones anywhere in sight! Hooray! If you want to feel young, visit a urologist. Just walk in and sit in the waiting room. You'll be about 50 years younger than everybody else. And it'll feel awesome. Until the nurse calls your name. Then you'll feel really old because you'll remember that you're there for the same reason as the old people.

2. This week I also visited my orthodontist. Here's another way to feel young: Get retainers, don't wear them as often as you should, and get fussed at by the orthodontist. I definitely felt about 14 years old. Then I was reminded that I'm not 14 because, while I was being fussed at, my 20-month-old was downing the Otis Spunkmeyer cookies in the waiting room and getting chocolate all over him and getting fussed at by the receptionist and when I left with my chocolate-covered-child, the receptionist looked at me and her eyes said, "You are a ridiculous mom."

3. I'm really into antique stores lately. This week I brought home a big, antique bird cage. I like it so much. When I brought it in the house Nathan said, "Wow. A bird cage." And Landon said, "Mommy! Hooray! We're getting a bird!" And I had to be like, "Nope. No bird. Yep, I bought a bird cage. To sit right there on that table." The men in my life did not get it. At all.

4. And now. For the BIGGEST news of our week. HUGE. Connor Man spoke his very first word. Any guesses? No, not "ma-ma". No, not "da-da". No, not "ball" or "baseball" or "basketball" or "football". Connor Man's very first word was "duck". Completely random. He said it after Nathan found some old plastic yellow duck toy at the very bottom of our toy box. A duck toy that I'm pretty sure Connor Man had never seen until that moment. And he pointed to it and said "duck". Goooooo Connor Man!

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