Thursday, December 15, 2011

Days 6-10

December 6: Nathan and I went to the deacon Christmas party while the kiddos stayed home for a fun night with Miss Stacey!

December 7: We took the kids to our church to see the children's musical. Our kids aren't currently in the children's choir but it was so much fun to sit beside them as they cheered and clapped for their friends! And afterward, a ton of people told Reagan and Landon, "You did a great job in the musical tonight!" and my sweet kids said, "Thank you." :) Apparently, all children look the same to old people.

December 8: Thanks to Pinterest, I got the idea to make snowman pancakes for dinner. We ended our evening with a Veggie Tales Christmas movie.

December 9: Reagan got to spend the weekend all by herself with Gammy and Papa and Spartanburg. So Nathan and I got a full weekend with just the boys! Friday night, we bought Christmas presents for a 6-year-old we adopted. His mom is having a hard time right now, so we wanted to help her out by providing gifts for him. Landon had an absolute ball picking out just the right clothes and toys for this special little boy. Landon also helped me wrap every single present. I love his heart!

December 10: We took the boys bowling and then out to eat at Monterrey's. The whole evening was hilarious.

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