Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Decorations

Yay for Christmas! And yay for Christmas decorations!
Here's the den. The bow on top of the tree is from Carolina Pottery. I picked out the ribbon about seven years ago and the wonderful ladies there made it into a tree topper. Reagan, the 4-year-old, estimates there are 267 ornaments on our tree.

The stocking holders are each engraved with our names and have our baby pictures. Reagan had her picture made in the same dress I wore when I was her age. The stockings are from Target 9 years ago. We were at our friends', Heather and Kevin Couch's, house, and they had those stockings. I thought they were the most perfect stockings I'd ever laid eyes on and they told me they got them at Target. Nathan and I headed there. We went down the stocking aisle, spotted them, grabbed two, and were about to leave when the thought occurred to me, Wait a minute. I love these stockings so much. I want to have them for the rest of my life. When we have children, I want them to each have a stocking. So, that night, in Target, while we had been married only a few months, we decided we would have 3 children. And we walked out of Target with 5 stockings and our jaws hanging open.

This antique lamp sits in our kitchen year round. Usually it sits on a blue plate. I switched it out for a red one because I'm extremely good at decorating. You'll also notice Landon, the six-year-old, added some texture with the mini Lego sets on the plate. Nice touch.
The bird cage is filled with red and silver ornaments. I usually ask Nathan to put the ornaments on garland and display them beautifully over our kitchen cabinet but this year I poured the ornaments into a bird cage. He was stoked about my decision.
The Nativity Set. I made it look normal for this picture. Typically, my children try to cram every single item into the stable. And the 2-year-old loves knocking down the wise men with his sword.
I made those little trees that sit on our photo table. I bought green, foam forms from Michael's, wrapped them with yarn, and added red pom-poms.

This is our cross tree. I have been saving cross ornaments for several years in the hopes that one day I would have a cross tree in our foyer to greet all our guests as they entered. Last year, I found this tree on clearance after Christmas. I love how this sweet, simple tree turned out. Such a great reminder of the One who loves us so very much and is worthy of celebration all 365 days of the year.
Merry Christmas!

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