Sunday, December 18, 2011

The 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th Days

December 11th: The kiddos stayed home with Miss Stacey while Nathan and I went to our Sunday School class Christmas Party at Holly and Patrick's house. We had a White Elephant gift exchange. Once again, the gift everyone fought over was the 8 x 10 framed photograph of Nathan and me. Completely understandable. Meanwhile, we went home with one of the funniest books on the planet and a turkey hat. Normal.

December 12th: We had our small group over for a fancy pants dinner party. I made place cards out of candy canes because I'm obsessed with Pinterest. My favorite part of the evening was when we all heard fire sirens and the couples without children got all scared while the couples with kids yelled, "IT'S SANTA!!!!!" Who was correct? Come over, look at all the candy in my pantry, and you'll have your answer.

December 13th: Landon got to choose what we did so he chose "singing Christmas carols as a family and cleaning Landon's room". Sneaky, son. Very sneaky. We sang Christmas carols. We did NOT clean his room.

December 14th: Nathan took the boys to church for Music Night while Reagan and I went to see one of my precious former students, Faith Savannah, play Mary in her church children's musical. She was wonderful!

December 15th: I don't remember much about this day except for the chocolate waffles I split with Sally at Outback. Ok. I'm not using hyperbole here....STOP right now. Get in your car. Drive to Outback. And order the chocolate waffles. Sally, are you reading this? Can I get an Amen? Oh, I just remembered what I did that morning. I volunteered in Landon's school by helping first graders play with Chinese yo-yos.

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  1. I would revise the title of this post to include something like (you have to sing this)"AND...On the 15th Day of December...Outback Gave To Meeeeee....a Plate Full of Yummy Chocolate Wafflllllesssss"....just an editing suggestion.