Sunday, September 18, 2011


Last night, we were at a friend's house. Her kids go to a private, Christian school. She was telling me that in her daughter's class, they are reading the entire Bible aloud this school year. It's made for some interesting conversations because "semen" was one of the words in one of the verses this week. So her daughter is now wondering what semen is.

My kids go to public school. So after she told me her story, I pointed at her and laughed and made fun of her and responded, "See, I don't have to worry about that happening in my kids' school because public schools don't read Bibles out loud."

The room erupted into laughter because I'm hilarious.

I love that she and I could laugh and joke about that. All the while totally loving and respecting each other's personal decisions about where to send our children to school.

My friend, Ellen, recently posted on her blog:
"We don’t homeschool. I love homeschooling! I think it’s awesome! I’d do it in a skinny minute. But. Right now our family is called to be in a public school and we love it. I don’t love all of the running around but we are taking advantage of the opportunity to build some community. I also don’t love blanket statements about how one form of schooling is better than another."

Ditto. Especially that last sentence.

I love me some momma friends who know why they do what they do, whether it's homeschooling, private schooling, or public schooling and I pray I'll never, ever, ever for a tiny little second think our choice is the best for every family.


  1. :). i think having children has actually taught me the most about blanket statements.

  2. I agree completely with your blog. I have a son who went through public school, a daughter in private christian school, and I teach in public school, AND I have quite a few homeschool friends. I see advantages and disadvantages among the 3. I certainly think parents know who is best and most needed for their child(ren). But, ever once in while, we each get a little judgmental and for I regret that. Love you! Keep blogging!!