Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The First Grader

I love my first grader. He's just so cool. And handsome. And smart. And hilarious (which sometimes gets him in trouble but we're working on that.) And stoked about life. I love that he just had to wear his Gamecock jersey on the first day of school.

I love that he couldn't wait to go on a date with me to celebrate his first gradeness.

I love that he loves his teacher and when I ask what his favorite thing about her is, he responds, "She reads lots of books to us!"

I love how excited he got when he first looked in the classroom library and saw a full bin of books by Mo Willems, his favorite author!

I love that he sits at a table with other learners, instead of a desk. And he loves that, too!

I love that he wrote this precious note to give to his teacher: Dear Miss Werntz, I am excited to be in your class. I love the Gamecocks. Love, Landon Trevett

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  1. I love all that about him, too!! I also love that he gets his love of life from his Mommy... who I happen to be the proud Mommy of!
    love you