Thursday, August 18, 2011

The letter I gave Landon's teacher today...

Dear Miss Werntz,

Today is the day! You have worked hard all summer to prepare for your new class of learners for the year. And it’s finally here.

For some children, yours will be the first hug they’ve received in weeks. Yours will be the only smile they get all day. You will be the sole book reader. The only constant in their ever-changing, unpredictable little life.

For others, you will be a continuation of the loving they have received their entire life. Your hug will be there when their parents long to be. Your books will love on them when they are missing their favorite books from home.

For my child, your hug will be what welcomes him into a new learning opportunity. Your read alouds will nurture his heart. Your smile will comfort him. And your laughter will remind him that he is a funny little treasure. When he feels self-conscious about his glasses, your comforting words will remind him that he is super cool. J

Please know that I am praying for you and your new little family today. Praying that you will love on one another, grow together, and experience true community. Praying that my little man will make a difference in this world alongside his classmates.

Thank you for committing yourself to the hardest job in the world. It’s going to be a great year!


Christy Trevett


  1. Not sure if it is because I know and love your heart so much, or maybe because I think your kids are awesome, maybe because I wish I would have gotten a letter like this to start one of my years of teaching off with, or maybe because I am pregnant and thinking about the day that my little man goes to first grade....all that to say...your letter made me smile really big and allow crocodile tears to stream down my face. I love you!
    Praying for you today as you await that Super Cool Landon Trevett to come running through the door to tell you about his first day of first grade!

  2. I echo Megan's words (minus the pregnant part!)...I am grateful Landon's teacher has you for a "mommy" in her class. More mommies need to realize the gift their words and prayers could be to a teacher. I would have loved to receive a letter like that on the 1st day. I still have a "collection" of sweet notes parents wrote me when I was teaching. Hope 1st grade rocks!!
    Jen Clary