Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kiddos Update

I realized it's been awhile since I gave an update on each of the kiddos.

Connor Man:
*16 months old
*Still no words but he's working hard on "all done" and "night night". It sounds like "Ah La" and "Ah Ah".
*He loves, loves, LOVES spheres.
*He is everywhere at all times except wherever I am which means I'm constantly looking for him amidst the mess of pots and pans on the floor, nail polish on the carpet, and bottles of open poison.
*He is really into squealing which is a neat stage and I hope it never ends.
*He loves to dance and jump.
*He loves when I sing to him. It helps that I have the voice of an angel.

*44 months old
*Princesses and ballet are two of her biggest loves.
*She continues to be obsessed with her 2 imaginary friends, Benny and Moss. Last week, she married Benny. It was a beautiful ceremony.
*For Christmas, she got the game "Pretty, Pretty Princess". The person who gets all the jewelry on first wins the game. This game was made for her and she has demolished Nathan and me at it every single time.
*She loves to dress herself. Yesterday, we went to the mall and she wore a red and white Christmas shirt (yesterday was January 18th), bright pink pants with huge hearts on them, and red patent leather heels. Just another normal day.
*She is a strong thinker and a natural leader. And she's hilarious. I am so in love with her personality. She can struggle with being bossy but we're praying together about that.
*Eating continues to remain the absolute lowest of the lows on her list of priorities.

*69 months old
*LOVES school. LOVES his friends. LOVES his teachers.
*The past two months have been difficult. He is very strong-willed, decisive, and passionate. All wonderful characteristics. And very challenging as well. And we're working through ways he can handle himself when he's angry or disappointed or when he has an opinion that is vastly different from Nathan and me. But the last several days have been great. Nathan and I don't want to stifle his personality but we also want him to honor and obey us. We've learned loads these past couple of months and it's been very humbling for sure!
*He continues to wear glasses and patches and he does a wonderful job keeping up with them and remembering when to patch.
*He starts basketball in a couple of weeks and is so excited!
*He loves Reagan and Connor like crazy. Yesterday he surprised them and toasted their waffles, set the table, and had breakfast ready for them when they woke up.
*Last night he told Nathan, "Daddy, I've decided that I'm going to start making money so you don't have work anymore and you can be home with us more in the daytime." Then he looked at me and said, "Mommy, can you start paying me when I do my chores?"


  1. I love and appreciate that you told us their ages in months!

  2. LOVED your updates!!! SO cute! Their nick names are adorable. Isn't it amazing how God will give you three kids and their individual personalities are so unique??!!! It's awesome!