Friday, November 5, 2010

This Week...

1. Connor decided to start walking more than just a few steps.

2. Reagan decided to cut her own hair. And I decided to act calm on the outside but call 911....I mean Belk Salon and make an appointment ASAP. Pictures soon....

3. Landon decided to exaggerate things I say. I say, "No, you can't play video games." He hears, "I'm never letting you play video games for the rest of your life." So he says to me, "You never let me play video games!!!" (in a crazy loud voice) And then we have the billionth conversation about how we shouldn't overly generalize mommy and exaggerate mommy and say things in a rude voice to mommy and then I say things like, "I WAS IN LABOR FOR 52 HOURS WITH YOU AND YOU'RE THE REASON I HAVE STRETCH MARKS A MILE LONG!!!!!" (Not really. That would be ridiculous. I'm not a meanie. But my heart thinks that stuff on the inside because I'm a huge sinner working every second on patience with my strong-willed child.)

4. Connor decided he can't stand mashed potatoes which is weird because he eats everything. EVERYTHING. Except mashed potatoes.

5. Reagan decided that when she grows up she wants to be a mommy.

6. Landon decided that he needs snuggle time with mommy every morning before getting dressed. And I love his decision! (If you know Landon, you know that physical touch has never been a big love language for him....even as a baby...he's always, always needed his own space and he never enjoyed being rocked or held for very long. So I'm loving his new little need for some morning-mommy-snuggle-time.)


  1. KH eats everything but mashed potatoes too! Weird.

  2. Isn't that the sweetest when your little girl starts talking about wanting to be a mommy?! It makes me think Braewyn thinks I'm doing an ok job most of the time. I did have to correct her once when she was playing make-believe. She says, "I'm a teenager. I'm a mommy too." I said, "No, Braewyn, mommies are grown-ups not teenagers." No need to shock her with the hard truth at such an early age!