Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Family Update: No Pictures

Here's what our little family has been up to lately:

1. Landon is continuing to love kindergarten. Nathan and I attended our parent/teacher conference last week and got great feedback from his teacher. She has gotten to know Landon very well. She talked about how much she loves Landon and truly enjoys teaching him. She talked about his natural leadership abilities. She spoke about how he is growing as a reader and writer. She said he is making a big difference in the class. Nathan and I walked out on cloud nine. Mainly because we were thrilled that she is getting to know Landon the way we see him and that he is staying true to who he is.

2. Reagan and Landon are playing soccer every Saturday. Reagan typically stands on the opposite side of the field from the rest of her teammates while talking to her imaginary friend "Benny" or pretending to be Cinderella. Sometimes (like 5% of the time) she looks at the ball, then yells across the field to ask me what the snack is. Ah. 3-year-old soccer. Good times. Landon, on the other hand, is on the 5-year-old team and those games get intense. He is really strong on defense and is such a great team player. His teammates and coach have been together for 4 seasons now and it is evident as they work so well together as a team.

3. Last Wednesday, I had some surgery because surgery is my new favorite hobby. I had some kidney stones blasted and it went even better than expected. I don't handle anesthesia well AT ALL which is annoying since I have surgery about every other week. But this time the Lord gave me huge, huge, HUGE grace and I did not throw up one single time. Hooray! AND the surgery was free because I'd met my out-of-pocket maximum for the year!

4. We are leaving for Disneyworld in a few weeks and getting soooooo excited.

5. USC beat Alabama on Saturday so every day since then that's all we've talked about. And we've been screaming and high five-ing a whole bunch. All day long. Landon's teacher is a big Clemson fan so I taught Landon to read all the headlines from Sunday's newspaper about how USC is the best team ever so he could take them to school today and read them to her. I also taught him to read the headline that said, "Tumbling Tigers" with a picture of a Clemson player literally upside down after a terrible play against UNC.

6. Connor is walking! He's taking about 8 steps at a time before falling down. He is so proud of himself and is the cutest beginning walker I've ever seen.

7. I'm taking a graduate course that requires 17 papers this semester. But I'm almost half-way there. I'm one of the oldest ones in there. Last night, one of my classmates and I were working together and after I asked her a question she answered, "Yes, ma'am." Awesome.

8. Nathan continues to be the man. Last night he decided not to play basketball with the guys because he wanted to spend the evening with me. (If you know him at all, you know that Monday-Night-Basketball-With-The-Guys is something he DOES NOT miss unless I'm in labor. So last night was a big deal. I think he loves me. :)

And that's our family update!


  1. I hope you realize (and I'm sure you do) how BLESSED you are to have this kind of family life!!
    Love ya....Aunt Sue

  2. I got "ma'am-ed" recently, too. Sigh. Although I guess I am almost 30.